2 weeks basic health challenge

What is WildFit 2 week challenge?

The WildFit 2 week challenge is about resetting your relationship with food and setting yourself up for ultimate food freedom! This is the first 14 days of the 90 day program where you learn how to set yourself up for success. You learn what is impacting your food choices and what you can do about it.

What is it not?

This is not another “quick fix to health’’ program. There’s no health program that can transform your entire lifestyle in 14 days. Neither is it a starv yourself to release wight or count your calories program.

How should you prepare yourself for the start?

There are no preparations. Instead, it is truly importanta that you make no changes before the program starts.

What is included?

10 videos

4 live calls. The calls will be redorded so that you always can go back and watch them.

Daily suport in a private facebook group.

Want to know more?

Send an e-mail to midjords@telia.com

or book an 1/2 hour consultation here: https://calendly.com/midjord/consultation

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WildFit Basics

10 videos. 4 Coaching calls. Support in a private Facebook group

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