My WildFit Story

2018-05-19 22.27.51

The WildFit program has made a huge impact on my overall health. For me the biggest change has been my way of thinking about food and food choices.

I started my WildFit journey because of some stomack issues I have been strugling with the past 15 years, hoping that choosing a different diet would help, and it sure did. Approximately halfway through the program I felt some changes and by week 8 all pain was gone. A bonus for me during the process would be to loose the 10 kg’s I gained when entering Menopause 3 years ago. By the end of my challenge I had released 11 kg’s and 52 cm. Here you see my before and after pictures.

To my surprise my body continued to change and 3 months after the challenge I had released a total of 15 kg’s and 89 cm.

Noomi Midjord

Certified WildFit Coach  and winner of WildFit Butterfly Award 2018. 

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